Project Description
Completion Date
New Fencing Projects IDIQ           

Construction, repairs and replacements of new perimeter      fencing on Fort Meade.  Work includes repairing or constructing new chain link fencing, vinyl-coated chain link, barbed wire and supports, various size gates and various types of locks, crash resistant fencing, crash resistant gates, security card readers.  Work also includes clearing and grubbing of area around existing or new chain link fence and gates.  Clearing includes the disposal of all types and kinds of above ground vegetation; including trees and shrubs to a bole diameter of 24 inches,  Grubbing includes the removal and disposal of all types and kinds of below ground
stumps, roots and stubs. $3,500,000

Demolition of 17 separate buildings ranging from 12,000 to 60,000 square feet. One of the building sis in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, requiring special underwater diving operations. $2,925,000

Andrews Air Force Base Anti-terrorism Security Upgrades Work included installation of radiation detection monitors at the gate entrances, chemical detection units throughout the base, and ColPro HVAC upgrades to safeguard the building occupants. $1,728,000  
Blg 64
Construction of a new 8000 square foot Auditorium (Blg 64) for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center of the Department of Homeland Security. The work consists of interior and exterior construction including surrounding site work, utilities and infrastructure. $2,600,000

Due Jan. 2010
Blg 200
Design Build to include a complete renovation of Bldg 200 of approximately 8,000 square feet and the expansion of approximately 2000 square ft. $1,906,000

May 2009
Blg 212
Design-Build to include a complete mold remediation program; replace damaged ceiling tiles and carpet; clean and paint the stairwell walls; remove existing insulation from the entire attic floor and roof and insulate the entire attic floor with foam; replace the existing 100% outdoor air conditioning system to prevent future mold damage. $1,106,000
July 2009
Repair seawall at the U.S. Naval Academy. The work included demolition oand removal of road sections and curbing, excavation, installation of anew sheet piliing, backfill and compaction of excavation, restoration of road subgrades, and replacement of demolished portions of road with new curb and pavement. $1,600,000
Aug. 2009
Navy Backfill Renovation

Renovation of the interior space for the Navy Backfill Project, consisting of thirteen (13) work areas totalling approximately 58,000 square feet. $3,148,000

Feb. 09
New Broodfish Facility           

Construction of the new Brood FIsh Facility to support the Research function of the National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture.   The facility will include  a tank/aquaria building and an attached hatchery building.   $2,450,000

Feb. 2009
Laboratory and Office Renovation

Basic Insect Introductory Research Laboratory.   (BIIRL)                
Renovation of the existing laboratory and office space and the expansion of the insect quarantine area.  Work included selective demolition of interior const., mech. and piping systems and duct and air handling systems. Removal of hazardous material abatement, replacing of the entire roof, ceiling grid and interior partitions, new HVAC ductwork and piping, new chiller and roof top unit, new controls and sprinkler system, new casework electrical and telecommunications system.

Feb. 2009
ADA Compliance Renovation           

Renovated two existing buildings to comply with current ADA requirements.  Work included new elevators, new mechanical, fire alarm, masonry, new concrete ramps and railings, carpentry for new offices, flooring, drywall and painting.  $1,119,500

Oct. 2008
36" Dia. Pipe Replacement Project

Relocate the existing water transmission mains (2nd and 3rd High Transmission Lines) to accommodate the construction of a new facility.  Work included trenching 18’ Deep X 16’ Wide, intall new dual 36” pipe, couplings, Transitions, blow off vault, new culvert, pressure test up to 200 psi and disinfect pipe.  $1,898,570

Sep. 2008

Air Handling Units Renovation

Replace the Air Handling Units (AHU’s) for a 14 story building.  Work included replacing the chilled water piping and coils, adding a new UV light grid, replaced the hot water coil and valves, replace the supply and return fan motors with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) asbestos removal, concrete floor repair and sealing, and balancing and commissioning.  $580,556

  June 2008
Lincoln Park Aggregate Concrete

Work included the removal and replacement of the Aggregate concrete for one-half of Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C., replacement of concrete curbs, installation of new sprinklers, new benches, new trash receptacles and landscaping.  $627,000

  May 2008
Greenhouse Renovation

Work in the greenhouses includes all work under the glass structure, including replacement of the glass, asbestos removal, replacement of the heating system (including piping in the headhouse), replacement of the exhaust fans and other exhaust fan work, control system work, replacement of the evaporative cooling pads. $1,216,374

 Nov. 07
National Agricultural
Library Brick Re-Pointing
Re-pointing and re-caulking of the 14 story National Agricultural Library. Work includes brick replacement, tuck-pointing, shelf angle replacement, flashing replacement, coping replacement, installation of vertical expansion joints. $1,900,000
Dec. 2006
National Agricultural Library Chiller Replacement
Chiller Replacement. Work included providing a temporary chiller system (700 tons) with piping, electrical and pumps. Replacement of chillers consisted of the removal of 4 chillers, 6 pumps and miscellaneous items, and to provide 2 new chillers (800 tons) chilled water pumps, 3 new condenser water pumps, and all necessary electrical, architectural and control work. $1,225,452
August 2005
USDA Arboretum Flowering Tree Walk
Flowering Tree Walk. Work included site work, site utilities, retention pond, surveying, sediment control, colored concrete, eurocobble, asphalt, and excavation. $1,053,228
March 2005
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Complete interior renovation. Work included complete interior demolition, site demolition, structural concrete, structural steel, wood framing, millwork, insulation, roofing, doors & frames, plaster gypsum board, ceiling tile, paint and plumbing. $1,238,324
March 2005
USDA Blg. 30
Bathroom Renovation. Work included concrete demolition, lead abatement, structural concrete, masonry, millwork, roofing, doors & frames, gypsum board, ceiling tile, paint, electrical, mechanical, plumbing. $149,000
Jan. 2005
Bridge structural repair. Work included structural concrete repair, epoxy injection, sediment control, power washing, asphalt, landscaping, epoxy painting, water repellants, fencing, signage and flagmen for traffic control. $148,000
Dec. 2004
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Roof replacement of building 11. Work included demolition of 45,000 square foot slate roof, gutter pan, downspouts, insulation and removal of hazardous waste. Replaced existing historic cornice assembly and cupola, lead abatement and painting. Installed new synthetic slate roof, gutters and downspouts and new insulation in 44,000 square foot attic. $1,559,665
May 2004



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